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How often should you post on social media?

It's all too easy to want to talk about your business, it's your passion, it's what you do all day, every day. But how often do your fans want to hear from you?

When it comes to determining the how often you should post on your social media channels, it seems the numbers change a lot. One piece of research may tell you 'once a day', while another will say '20 times a day', this could change by channel, by industry and by country.

Lucky for everyone though, data doesn't lie, and CoSchedule (a social media pre-scheduling tool) crunched the numbers from 10 studies to see what trends came out. Drum roll...

  • Facebook: 1 post per day

  • Twitter: 15 Tweets per day

  • Pinterest: 11 Pins per day

  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day

  • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day

Is it me or does that still seem like a lot?! How would you ever get the day job done when you need to tweet 15 times a day?!

Let's think less about how often, and think more about how good it is.

No fear, you don't have to keep up with these stats, there are many things to consider when publishing content beyond how often you have to do it, so let's think less about how often, and think more about how good it is.

Quality over quantity. Don't force your content, if you've got nothing to say, don't say anything at all. If you publish content which gets poor engagement (no comments, reactions, shares) guess what... The super clever algorithms are going to think 'these guys are publishing content no one wants to read, so we're not going to show it to as many people' and you'll slowly start seeing fewer and fewer people seeing what you're publishing.

You don't have to be on every social network. You know your customers better than anyone, so where are they spending their online time? Is it Facebook? Is it Instagram? Are they even on social media? Identifying where most of your customers are based will allow you to channel your efforts instead of being everywhere, all of the time.

Plan ahead. You can spend an afternoon scheduling content so you don't have to be thinking about it every day, you can do it directly on your social page or use nifty tools such as 'Hootsuite' to let them publish when you decide. Even though your posts will continue to happen in the background, make sure you're still checking in to the channels to respond to messages and comments.

Thinking beyond a single post. Always have your thinking cap on about how you can repurpose a post. Revisit past blogs, photos and videos to see how you can bring it back to news feeds.

It's all about the timing. On your 'insights' tab on Facebook, you can see your most active times from your page fans. If your fans are most active in the morning, that's when you should post, if it's the evening, post in the evening. By understanding when your audience is online, this will increase your chances of your content being seen.

Facebook Insights - Most popular times your audience is online

If you'd like to take the hassle out of managing your social media, What a Jem have retainer models where we can do the leg work for you. Send us photos and commentary of your work, and we'll rework it and schedule it on your behalf. You'll have complete access to everything so you can approve the posts before they're published. Hallelujah!